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Beauty Review: Redken Frizz Dismiss FPF 10 Fly-Away Fix Finishing Sheets


Photo: Redken 

What It Is:

Created by Redken, these new portable hair finishing sheets claim to instantly eliminate frizz, smooth unruly strands and add shine. The sheets are available in three different varieties that are targeted for different hair textures and thicknesses. The product uses a system called Frizz Protection Factor (or FPF), which it states will fight the effects of humidity. The lowest level, FPF 10, is designed for fine hair in low humidity conditions. On the other end of the spectrum, the highest level of Frizz Protection Factor is FPF 40, for coarse locks in a very humid environment.

The Fly-Away Fix Finishing Sheets are made with Brazilian pracaxi oil, an ingredient derived from the tropical Pentaclethra macroloba tree in South America. This yellow oil is said to target dandruff and offer moisturizing benefits to the hair fibre. The hair smoothing sheets also contain lavender oil, an essential oil that can control split ends and promote healthy, longer locks.

The product is used on dry tresses, by smoothing a sheet over the strands multiple times if needed.

What We Thought:

At first sight, Redken’s new finishing sheets looked just like an unassuming pile of everyday tissues! However, we were pleased when a quick application left our long locks frizz-free and unexpectedly shiny. The final result was a smooth surprise in a convenient and purse-friendly package. The light, lavender-infused scent was also understated, and thankfully offered our hair a slight fragrance without leaving an overpowering essence.

For long-haired beauty addicts or anybody with thick hair, an extra touch-up during the day may be needed. While the sheets do combat frizz and fight unwelcome static, stubborn strands will require several wipes with these new hair smoothing sheets.

Also, selecting the correct Frizz Protection Factor is a necessary move. FPF 10 will probably leave long hair craving another anti-frizz wipe, while constant changes in humidity can also affect the recommended FPF. However, this frizz-fighting system was an effective step overall.

Pro: The travel friendly size, quick application and light scent were all added bonuses, while the sheets managed to tame our frizzy locks.

Con: We found that several wipes are needed for longer, difficult to manage locks, while it may be a hair challenge to find the perfect frizz protection system for your unique hair type.

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