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Beauty Review: Garnier Fructis Marvelous Oil Frizz Defy

gariner marvelous oil

Photo: Garnier

What is it?

This multipurpose frizz defying oil aims to smooth and tame frizzy hair. Custom blended with Amla and Jojoba oil, this product promises to transform your locks from dull to shiny without leaving any greasy residue. Amla oil is great for strengthening hair follicles and is also beneficial if you are suffering from an itchy or dry scalp. Phyllanthus emblica fruit extract contributes to the tropical aroma. The Marvelous Oil can be utilized in various ways each day, with five different aims: The Oil can be used as a pre-shampoo treatment, by applying the product to hair before shampooing. If you add it to your conditioner, it can boost conditioning to help free the hair of tangles and knots. It can also be used to accelerate drying time when added to damp hair. The oil can be applied to damp or split ends to help smooth and tame flyaways. Finally, the product can be used to treat hair overnight; just leave it in overnight to restore softness.

What we thought:

At first glance, the product looks like it might be sticky and oily due to its colour and thickness. But once it was squirted out of the bottle, the product was not as thick or oily as we expected. The spray bottle was easy to use, allowing only a tiny bit of product to come out at a time. The bottle comes in just the right size, so it’s easy to store and not too heavy to lift.

We tried the Marvelous Oil in four of the five different ways–and it performed well in each category. It was effective at helping to quickly dry hair after we had washed it. The oil also renewed the softness of our hair after being left in overnight. Along with a spray or two of oil in our conditioner, the treatment made the process of detangling our hair in the shower easier.

Pros: After trying the oil in four of the five ways suggested, we were pleasantly by its effectiveness and happy with the way our hair felt after using it.

Cons:  The oil has quite a strong scent to it, especially if you’re sensitive to smell. An easy way to avoid this is by limiting the amount of drops you put in your hair.

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