Summer Skin Prep Guide In 3 Easy Steps

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We’ve waited patiently and now the sun is out and we can’t wait to sunbathe and get outside. Here are some steps to take to get ready for optimal skin health this summer.


It’s time to adjust your skin care products! Higher temperatures and humidity require lighter products that are water based and oil free. Ideally you would use the following skin care routine:cleanser with exfoliant, toner to close the pores and sunscreen. Moisturisers are also optional depending on the degree of hydration of your skin. Your sunscreen may already contain a moisturiser, in that case you may not need to use both products.


Clear up acne blemishes on your back and chest, which will more likely be exposed in the summer. Begin with an exfoliating cleanser and then you can apply a salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or benzoyl peroxide product to unclog the pores.

Self Tanning:

If you prefer the look of a tan, start now with a self-tanner, this will give you a healthy glow in a safe manner. Best to exfoliate first in order to remove any dead skin cells and achieve an even tan. Loofah , salt scrub, or even a sugar scrub will provide excellent body exfoliation.

DrA recognized leader in cosmetic dermatology with over 27 years experience, Fred Weksberg is Canadian and US Board Certified Dermatologist. He holds staff positions at three hospitals and is part of the Executive for the Canadian Society for Dermatologic Surgery.


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