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Low Calorie Snacks To Curb Hunger In Between Meals

yogurt with fresh blueberry

As health lovers prepare to get into fighting shape for bikini season, it’s a smart move to stock up on low calorie snacks to keep yourself fuelled at the gym. From crunchy delights like kale chips to carrots with hummus dip, here are a few health-conscious and calorie wise goodies to offer you a midday energy boost.

Kale chips: The next time you feel compelled to tear into a tempting bag of greasy, salt-laden potato chips, why not reach for the healthy kale variety instead? Baked chips made from the nutrient-rich leafy green are an easy afternoon snack for the office. With approximately 34 calories per cup, kale chips will allow you to stick to that new spring diet. The vegetable is also a strong source of Vitamin K, which helps to clot blood, maintain healthy bones and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Homemade orange sorbet: As an alternative to everyone’s summer treat (ice cream, do we even need to say it?); a homemade fruity sorbet is a delicious icy treat. With around 107 calories in a half cup, sorbet is also a nutritious, non-fattening dessert. Use organic oranges which contain up to 30 per cent more Vitamin C according to the American Chemical Society.

Non-fat Greek yogurt with blueberries: A single cup of plain, non-fat Greek yogurt should contain 130 calories. Packed with protein and low in sodium, this thick, creamy form of yogurt is both healthy and filling. Plus, the probiotics in Greek yogurt are a form of bacteria that can boost your digestive health. To complete your snack, add a handful of antioxidant-rich blueberries (which are about 83 calories per cup).

Carrots with hummus: To add a crunch to your snack menu, try raw carrot sticks or baby carrots dipped into hummus. The bright orange veggies are only 30 calories per 85 gram serving. Luckily, carrots are also enriched with beta carotene, an antoxidant-rich pigment that the body transforms into Vitamin A. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, this can help with a balanced immune system, vision, and skin health. As for hummus, the protein-rich chickpea dip only contains about 27 calories per tablespoon.

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