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AcroYoga- The New Fitness Trend Approved By Gisele Bündchen


Photo: acroyoga on Instagram 

While it seems strange enough to hear about acrobatics, yoga and therapeutic massage in the same sentence, an emerging fitness trend called AcroYoga claims to combine the three activities into a single workout! The exercise was first developed in 2003 by yogi Jenny Sauer-Klein and co-founder Jason Nemer. However, it has recently become popular with celebrities like toned and trim 34-year-old supermodel Gisele Bündchen, who has shared a photo of herself practicing the hybrid yoga activity.


Photo: giseleofficial on Instagram 

Acro Yoga is done in pairs, with a lighter person on top posing as the flyer, while the heavier partner supporting them underneath is the base. This form of yoga claims to encourage balance, co-ordination and strength, through its three major elements. To start, the solar acrobatic practices include warm-ups like traditional push-ups, downward dog push-ups, ab exercises and conditioning drills. During the acrobatic part of the activity, a third partner (called a spotter) also supervises the duo and ensures that the daring stunts on display are perfectly safe.

As a second key aspect of AcroYoga, lunar healing arts practices bring the relaxation of massage into the mix. These practices focus on trust and understanding, which AcroYoga describes as essential to the duo, who must physically support each other. For a unique twist, these moves include an inverted aerial massage, which is practiced in the air while the base and flyer are both in position.

Next, the yoga aims to connect both the acrobatic and massage elements. According to Yoga Journal, exercises like the plank position can be combined into an AcroYoga regimen. The plank position involves the flyer aligned with posture straight on top, holding on to the base’s ankles. Meanwhile, the base is in a plank pose, with arms straight and hands placed apart.

While some of the yoga positions (also called asanas) can be practiced alone for a warm-up, they claim to help strengthen the connection and communication between the acrobatic yoga partners. After all, when you’re balanced high in the air with only an exercise buddy to support you, trust just may be an important factor!

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