Marula Oil Set To Be A Big Beauty Trend

Joining favourites like coconut oil and argan oil, marula oil is poised to be a big beauty trend this year. Extracted from the kermals/nuts of the Marula tree, marula oil has long been popular in certain parts of the world and used for decades in skin care and food/recipes.

Marula oil is a light, textured oil that contains skin-saving anti-oxidants, fatty acids and an abundance of vitamin C and E. It protects skin from environmental damage and even reverses the look of acne-scarred and damaged skin. Fans claim it provides exceptional relief to dry skin, improves skin’s balance and nourishes both hair and skin. It leaves skin looking younger and brighter.

So is marula oil worth your money? Is it better than other oils like argan? Experts agree that popular oils like argan, coconut and now marula can all offer great benefits. For many, its simply a matter of personal preference. We like marula oil because of the very light feel, non-greasy look and fast absorption.

For those interested, Sephora has a nice selection of popular beauty products that contain marula oil including Marula Pure Marula Facial Oil, Drunk Elephant Pekee Bar and nail treatments like Ciaté Knight in Shining Armor.

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