How To Make Your Nail Polish Last Longer


For nail addicts who have been struggling with chipped polish, keeping your manicure in mint condition can be a challenge after an endless winter of frozen digits and damaged cuticles. Luckily, there are ways to keep up your polished tips throughout the week and save yourself an expensive trip to the spa. From applying base coat to using olive oil, here are a few winning ways to maintain that mani this spring.

1) Use a base coat before starting your home manicure: A clear base coat can extend the life of your manicure and allow your favourite nail colour to stay on your fingertips. To offer an added bonus to your tips, look for a base coat enriched with Vitamin E to promote stronger nails. Add a double coat to each tip for extra protection, especially if you suffer from chipped, cracked or brittle nails.

2) Avoid shaking your bottle of nail polish: While you may have been shaking your nail polish bottle since those early sleepover days of experimenting with butterfly nail art, it’s time to officially drop this lifelong beauty habit. A shaken bottle will produce air bubbles in the polish, which results in a bumpy manicure. Since chipped nails are prone to peeling quickly, try gently rolling your favourite bottle of nail lacquer instead.

3) Soak your fingertips in cuticle oil: To moisturize your dry cuticles, try using a nourishing cuticle oil treatment that is enriched with jojoba, coconut or almond oil. For a kitchen cabinet solution, apply olive oil around the cuticle and nail to encourage longer tips and healthy nails. Nourished nails will stay strong, which will keep your freshly painted manicure in place.

4) Re-apply your top coat for smooth results: While you should apply top coat after your nail polish, it’s also a smart beauty move to touch up your top coat over the next couple of days. This helps to extend the life of your flawless manicure and keep your colour looking pristine.

5) Wear rubber gloves to tackle dirty dishes or household chores: The harsh nature of hot water is known to damage the delicate, absorbent nature of painted nails. If you hand wash dainty garments, do the dishes the old-fashioned way or suddenly realize that your bathtub is due for a good scrub, always wear a pair of rubber gloves after your manicure. Obviously, it would be a shame to chip those pastel blue tips or risk turning your glittery nails into a streaky, smudged mess!

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