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Hair Perfume Offers UV Protection And Shine

According to many beauty blogs and our expertise, spraying perfume in all the right places can leave you smelling incredible all day. The best places to apply fragrances are your pulse points but the real secret is spraying it in your hair. However, don’t assume that the perfume you are spraying into your hair is the same stuff you’re putting on your skin. There are perfumes specifically designed for your hair that won’t overpower your signature scent. Using alcohol-based perfume on your hair can dry it out and damage your locks, so opt out for fragrances made for hair especially.

Below are three refreshing hair perfumes sure to leave your hair smelling great. In addition, these products contain other benefits such as UV protection and added shine.

Sachajuan Protective Hair Perfume ($72)

Aside from its simple and minimal packaging, this product states that it offers UV protection and keeps your hair shiny. The top note is a crisp green-apple scent and then transitions to a sweet floral with combinations of peach and rose. The last note which will last the longest on your hair is the combination of white musk and cedar wood.173-Protective-Hair-Perfume


Miss Dior Hair Mist ($48)

Miss Dior is known for its light and flirty scent of mandarin and jasmine and the hair perfume contains the very same thing! It may seem strong at first, but the scent begins to settle into your hair after a few minutes. It won’t last all day but one to two spritzes should refresh second day hair.

diorByredo Hair Perfume ($62)

Byredo released three hair perfumes this month: Blanche (floral), Bal d’Afrique (zesty citrus) and Gypsy Water (woody vanilla). Each formula contains silicone in order to keep hair shiny and soft. Not only that, it smells amazing!


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