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Nail Artist Rita Remark Talks Fall Nail Colour Trends


As the lead nail artist for Essie Canada, professional manicurist Rita Remark chatted with Real Style backstage at Toronto World Mastercard Fashion Week Fall 2015 about her passion for polish and upcoming nail trends on the Fall 2015 runway.

What are some of the top nail trends for Fall 2015?

The top nail trends that you can look forward to are heavy metals. I’m talking layering textured metallic polishes. We saw a lot of this in New York, a little bit overseas and we’ll see a little of it this season at Toronto World MasterCard Fashion Week. It’s all about adding a little bit of depth and weight to your metallic polish- layering glitter over chrome or layering a sheer frost over chrome.

Another trend you can look forward to is burgundy, a deep red and almost brown. In the Essie collection, we have colours like Shearling Darling or Berry Naughty which add a little more depth to your average red. Also, another trend would be textured nails, a little bit less on the design end with more texture. We’re playing with matte with shiny, or adding a little more movement. You’ll see with the Mikhael Kale nail, we have a watercolour technique that makes nails look as if they are stone of granite.

Which nail trend are you looking forward to for this fall/winter, and why?

I’m most looking forward to the heavy metal trend, because I love adding a little bit of jewellery. When my nails have tooled silver or bronze on them, I feel like I’m just adding adornment to my world.

What are your best tips for a perfect at-home manicure?

Tips for a perfect manicure would be taking time for yourself. Don’t do a manicure on the go, because if you miss any steps, you’re not going to get the longevity out of it. Make sure you have the base coat, topcoat and then you’ll get great wear. I’d also recommend that people always use cuticle oil (I use Essie’s Apricot Cuticle Oil). The main reason that people’s nails are dry or they have hangnails or cuticles out of shape is dryness. If you’re continually moisturizing your nails, they will thank you by growing strong.

What inspired you to pursue nail art and why?

I’ve always liked art. I went to Ryerson University for New Media, it’s a fabulous school. I fell into aesthetics and nail art naturally, it was a natural progression.

Photo: Rita Remark

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