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Blake Lively’s “Age of Adaline” Makeup And Hair Looks Throughout The Decades

With 27-year-old blonde beauty Blake Lively starring as the ageless Adaline Bowman in Lee Toland Krieger’s new film The Age of Adaline, we can’t help but admire her eternally chic beauty looks. As a 29-year-old woman who suddenly stops aging after a mysterious accident, Adaline’s glowing skin and golden locks remain radiant over time. Here’s a closer look at Adaline’s hair and makeup looks, as the trends change with each decade in the movie.


1925: With her cropped blonde waves and porcelain complexion, Lively looks every inch the 1920s flapper in this shot from 1925. Her heavily rouged cheeks with their bright pop of rosy red blush bring colour to her fair skin. Meanwhile, her dark and defined eyeliner and luscious red pout add drama to her ladylike beauty look.


1931: As her look shifts into the 1930s, Adaline’s rosy cheek colour and sultry red pout stays in place for this gorgeous bridal beauty statement. While she may have had sassy, tousled flapper waves in the 1920s, her blonde locks are now styled into perfect finger waves without a strand out of place.


1943: With her deep side part and sleek blonde curls, Adaline’s hair was treated to an update for the 1940s. Meanwhile, her red-orange lipstick and matching blush with its peachy undertones add subtle colour to her skin tone.


1955: As a glamorous vintage belle, Adaline’s blonde curls are still cropped, but appear a shade darker in the 1950s. With her thick long eyelashes and pink lip colour, her modernized makeup look has also shifted dramatically from scarlet lips and red-tinted cheeks.


1963: As we step into the ‘60s, Adaline unveils a full fringe, which grazes her eyelashes. With her lashings of mascara and winged eyeliner paired with subtle peach blush and sweet pink lip colour, her beauty look also brings the focus up to her stunning eyes.


1972: While beauty trends from the cool 1970s may bring disco chic to mind, Adaline plays it safe with her fresh-faced, no makeup look. Her matte foundation, hint of mascara and light pink lips showcase her eternally youthful visage. The hair swept back and pinned away from her face completes her soft look.


1984: The timeless Adaline stays away from garish ‘80s trends and neon eye makeup, but she still embraces the voluminous tresses of the decade. Her darker blonde locks are worn half-up and half-down, with slight volume at the crown and wavy ends.


1996: As we step into the 1990s, Adaline returns to the playful cherry red lips and dark eyeliner from her vintage makeup looks. Her lighter blonde hair is styled into soft side waves and pulled back for a winning look.


2015: Naturally, modern day Adaline looks just like gorgeous off-screen Blake Lively. The chic twisted low bun with a sleek side part is a classic hairdo, and a smooth change from the bold volume of the 1980s and 1990s. The light pink lipstick, touch of eyeshadow and understated coat of mascara also showcase Adaline’s natural beauty.

Photos: IMDB 

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