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Beauty Review: Rock Your Hair Leave-In Conditioner Weightless Detangler


Photo: Rock Your Hair

What It Is:

Created by Los Angeles-based celebrity hairstylist Michael O’Rourke as part of his Rock Your Hair line, this leave-in conditioner aims to work its way through tangled, rough locks. The Rock Your Hair Leave-In Conditioner is made with a combination of soy, wheat, rice and oat proteins, which can smooth the structure of brittle hair. It claims to correct the harsh effects of heat styling and offer a boost of moisture to dry, damaged tresses.

To use the product, this leave-in conditioner is spritzed on freshly washed, towel-dried strands and then combed through. It is meant to be sprayed evenly from the roots of the hair down to the ends.

What We Thought:

At first sight, this detangling leave-in conditioner made a dramatic entrance in its neon pink bottle with a funky, rhinestone-studded heart. The fierce, feminine colour stood out in a sea of pristine white shampoo bottles, which was an added touch. Being curious, we wondered if the product itself would live up to the bold first impression from its playful packaging.

After an initial spritz, the Rock Your Hair detangling conditioner had a pleasant, sweet fragrance without the overly harsh chemical nature of some leave-in conditioners. However, the conditioner describes itself as a “tangle tamer for all hair types.” With a spray bottle which only releases small spritzes of the product, it is challenging to treat the entire length of longer locks from the scalp to the ends.

For anyone with thick, long locks, several extra sprays and plenty of extra time are needed to completely detangle and condition a flowing or coarse mane. Thankfully, after an intense spritzing session, our dry locks became tangle-free and soft with nourished ends.

Pro: The bold pink bottle and the sweet, subtle fragrance are bonuses, while the conditioner effectively smoothes dry ends.

Con: We found that the petite size of the spray bottle nozzle may not release enough product to quickly detangle longer or thicker locks.

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