Sephora Releases New Pocket Contour Makeup App For Easy Contouring


 Photo: Sephora (@sephora) on Instagram

For high-tech beauty addicts who are searching for contouring inspiration, it looks like Sephora and makeup app Map My Beauty may have a new solution. According to Women’s Wear Daily, the cosmetics retailer has teamed up with the startup beauty application to launch a new pilot makeup app, designed to help with contouring tips and techniques. Map My Beauty was launched by founder and beauty entrepreneur Annabella Daily in 2014.

The new app, Pocket Contour, is temporarily available on Sephora’s mobile website and will be accessible until June. The smartphone contouring program offers virtual step-by-step instructions, and uses technology to suit the needs of each user’s unique face. From advice for effective highlighting to steps for different face shapes, the app aims to cover different contouring concerns.

Beauty conscious users can upload a photo to the app, which analyzes facial features and then offers advice. WWD also reports that the Pocket Contour app is loaded with links to shoppable products, a face chart and a feature where beauty looks can be shared on social media accounts.

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