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Make Your Signature Scent Linger With These Scent Layering Tips

Woman applying perfumeThe refreshing, feminine scent of jasmine and water lily lingers after a friend passes you by. How does her scent linger from the 9 a.m. meeting to the 5 p.m. rush hour?

Laying your body care products is the process of applying body care of the same variety to make your scent last all day without being too overpowering.

To achieve that subtle hint of fragrance throughout the day, it’s important to first find your perfect scent and what works well with your body chemistry. The best way to do so is to test products on your skin, specifically your wrist as opposed to your clothes as that’s where it’s best determined whether or not it works for you. It’s very important to remember not to rub your wrists together after you’ve sprayed any perfumes because you are “crushing the scent” and changing it completely.

After finding your signature fragrance, look for the matching body products, such as the body lotion, body spray and eau de perfume. This is where your first step begins to in order to achieve that irresistible scent which lasts all day.

Invest in three items of the same scent: This includes starting off with the body wash, following up with the matching body lotion and finally spritzing the matching body spray directly onto your skin, immediately after moisturizing. Before you head out, dab a few drops of the matching eau de perfume on pulse point and you’re ready to go!

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