Kiehl’s New Dehydration Analyzer Tool Is A Pen That Recognizes Dry Skin


Photo: Kiehl’s (@Kiehls) on Twitter

For beauty lovers who suffer from dry skin, Kiehl’s may have a new solution. The natural cosmetics, hair and skincare brand has unveiled a dehydration analyzer tool, a type of pen which is made with technology that identifies skin concerns.

The thick black and white pen (known as DAT) will be used in store at Kiehl’s locations by the brand’s customer representatives. While the DAT is not available for purchase, clients are able to drop in for a skin consultation and have the pen used on their skin.

According to Into the Gloss, a balanced level of skin humidity is 50 per cent. Dry skin is identified with a reading of under 30 on the scale, while a number in the range from 30 to 40 is a sign of “slightly dehydrated skin.”

How exactly does the tool work? The Examiner reports that the pen can be used over makeup or on an entirely bare face during a Kiehl’s Healthy Skin Check. The DAT is equipped with a feature called Bioelectric Impedance Analysis, which screens body fat through its use of electrodes. The pain-free process involves placing the pen against the cheek, which results in a current passing through the skin. This current can identify how hydrated skin is, based on the way the electric current interacts with the water in your skin.

With the temperatures slowly warming as we reach the end of a frigid winter and step into spring, taking care of dehydrated, dry skin certainly sounds like a winning beauty solution to us.

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