How To Dye Hair At Home – Tips for Beautiful Hair Colour

beautiful young woman dyeing hairs

Need a hair colour change for spring? The most cost-effective way to change your hair colour is by dyeing your hair at home. Dyeing hair at home however, requires a certain amount of patience and preparation. For those new to home hair dyeing, assistance from a friend can also be incredibly helpful. Whether you’ve dyed your hair at home many times or want to try it out, we’ve assembled some helpful tips for beautiful at-home hair colour.

1.Don’t make a drastic hair colour change at home. Touching up roots or doing a minor refresh or colour change are usually fine to do at home, but leave any big hair colour changes to the experts. When selecting your at-home hair colour, never venture more than two shades from the one you’re currently sporting. The effects could not only be damaging, but difficult to correct. If you’re looking for a dramatic hair colour change, visit a salon and speak to a hair colour technician.
2. Make sure you buy enough hair dye. For those applying all-over hair colour, more than one box of hair dye may be required. Long hair can sometimes require multiple boxes. The last thing you want is to begin dyeing hair only to realize you don’t have enough dye.
3. Take care of your skin. Protect your forehead, hairline and any other at-risk area with petroleum jelly or an ultra-rich moisturizer in order to prevent skin staining.
4. Don’t shampoo before you dye your hair. Slightly dirty hair is easier to manage and colour. Natural hair oils also help protect your hair and scalp.
5. Dye hair in natural light. Whenever possible, ensure you dye hair in a well-lit room with plenty of natural light. This will ensure a more natural, even application process in addition to helping determine shade intensity
6. Do the strand test. Many women skip this part of the process, but it’s incredibly helpful in determining how hair will react to dye and colour choice. This is especially important when using a new colour or brand.
7. Don’t be afraid to call for help. Most home hair colour companies offer customers a toll-free number where they can reach out for assistance and advice.

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