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Beauty Review: Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Lip Scrub

lipscrub2Tired of over applying your lip balm and not getting the results you want? Victoria’s Secret’s Beauty Rush Lip Scrub may be the quick fix to your chapped pout. It’s an essential product when it comes to healing dry, chapped lips this winter.

Apply this scrub to dry, lip-stick free lips and gently work in a circular motion. After applying, tissue off and follow up with a lip balm. This product will leave your lips feeling soft and prepped right before applying your lipstick.

The convenient size makes it easy to carry while traveling because you never know where dry lips will hit you. It’s recommended to use lip scrubs at least once a week and follow up with a balm in order to prevent lips from drying out. This product makes a great base and prep before colour. It also keeps your lips soft and rosy all day long!

You can find this scrub online, two for $15 or four for $20. It can also be found in stores with a similar promotion.

You can also make a DIY lip scrub by simply combining sugar and honey together and applying to lips. Follow up with a lip balm to maintain the softness and moisture of your lips.

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