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Beauty Review: Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment Razor


Photo: Schick

What It Is:

This four-blade razor from Schick aims to eliminate the need for shaving gel, and is filled with a formula of coconut milk and almond oil. The razor releases ribbons of the formula, with a goal of both lathering and moisturizing skin. When the blade is pressed down on the skin’s surface, the razor squeezes out these key ingredients.

Schick Intuition claims to remove body hair and moisturize dry skin in a single step. The wide molded plastic handle, which Schick also says is ergonomic, is designed to offer beauty lovers a stronger grip on the razor. The blades also swivel and aim to closely shave body hair.

The package includes a refill of the Pure Nourishment blade, since traditional shave gels or creams are not needed with this beauty buy.

What We Thought:

At first whiff, the Schick Intuition razor releases a welcoming tropical scent. For anyone who is craving a refreshing scent as they strip away pesky leg hair, the mix of almond oil paired with coconut milk is a winning combination.

The razor claims that the pivoting head will “glide smoothly along the contours of your body.” Although the fragranced formula makes for a smooth first impression, the thicker handle also made it challenging to manoeuvre and to shave stubborn hair around the ankles and knees.

Luckily, the formula left our winterized and dry skin feeling moisturized as an end result. However, an extra few minutes may be spent correcting tough areas which the four blades have missed.

Pro: The tropical scent is sweet without being overwhelming, while the razor left legs feeling silky.

Con: We found the handle a little too big for easy maneuvering and for anyone with stubborn hair, a second shave may be required for perfectly hairless skin.


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