Try These Makeup Tricks To Make Your Lips And Eyes Look Bigger

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Everyone wants fuller  lips, bigger eyes, and a smaller nose, and some people resort to cosmetic surgery to get what they want, but not all of us can afford those things. With some tricks using makeup you can make your lips and eyes appear bigger and your nose look smaller. Here are simple and easy makeup tricks that will make certainly make a huge difference.


  1. Brush your lips. Using a toothbrush, gently brush your lips. This is going to get rid of all the dry skin make your lips plump and smooth.
  2. Next, over line your lips with lip liner. If it’s done the right way you will not look like a clown. Start from the outer corners of your lips and draw a thin line a little bit above your lip (nothing too dramatic), but make sure you are following the actually shape of your lips to keep it looking natural. The trick is not to outline your whole lips but just the corners. Also, if you have a bigger bottom or top lip then you only want to over line wither the top or bottom to even them out.
  3. Fill your lips in with your lipstick and apply a gloss on top. Gloss is going to make your lips appear fuller.
  4. Add a contour shade or brown eyeliner just underneath the of your bottom lip. Just make sure the line you create is not too long just in the centre. This is going to make your lips look fuller because of the shadow that you just created
  5. Lastly, highlight the cupid’s bow to help create a fuller cupid’s bow.


  1. Highlight the inner corners of your eyes with some shimmer eyeshadow, which will help to brighten up the eye and make you look more awake.
  2. Create a cat eye. Now even though black can make your eyes appear smaller make sure that when you are doing your cat eye to keep the line going across the eyelid thin then as you reach the outer corner wing it out. Cat eyes really help to elongate your eyes. Also when applying the eyeliner don’t forget to apply it on the upper waterline.
  3. One of the most important aspect to create big eyes are lashes. Curl your lashes and apply a generous coat of mascara one that works best for you. Apply fiber lash mascara or fake lashes to really help open your eyes.
  4. Putting some eyeshadow to the bottom lash line and really smoking it out it also going to help make your eyes look bigger and more awake.
  5. Last trick is to apply white eyeliner to your bottom waterline. This is going to make a huge difference. It’s going really make your eyes appear bigger and make them pop.


Creating the appearance of a smaller nose is all about contouring and highlighting the right areas.

  1. Get a contour shade that works for your skin tone and with a small brush create two line on either sides of your nose. Also, apply the contour shade on the tip of your nose to make your nose a bit a shorter.
  2. With a blending brush blend it out so that there are no harsh lines. You want it to look as natural as possible.
  3. Highlight the bridge of your nose. Make sure you are just applying the highlight mostly to the centre.

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