Spring 2015 Braids Revisited – See How To Style The New Trends


Photo: MICHELLE PLANTAN (@plantan) on Twitter 

While the youthful look of braids may bring you back to your schoolgirl days, it’s important to remember that this charming hair trend is making quite the statement this spring. Whether you decide to plait your locks with a vibrant ribbon or step out with a five strand braid, here’s our guide to the top braided hairstyles for Spring 2015.

1) Add a colourful twist with interwoven ribbons in a fishtail braid, as seen at Marco de Vincenzo: With a rainbow of ribbons in bold pink, orange and blue shades, these braids from Marco de Vincenzo’s Spring 2015 runway show were a colourful explosion. For a hint of runway inspired colour, try weaving colourful ribbons into a simple fishtail braid.


Photo: ARROJO (@ARROJO) on Twitter

 2) Plait your locks into a loose and carefree bohemian braid, as seen at Mara Hoffman: With a focus on the laidback and free-spirited, this braid from the runway at Mara Hoffman’s Spring 2015 show left loose strands flowing around the face. For anyone looking for a change from a tight and slicked-back plait, try a loosely woven braid with tousled strands. Try braiding natural, air-dried locks, and pull out the occasional strand for a true boho chic aesthetic.


Photo: Hair on the Avenue (@HairOnTheAvenue) on Twitter

 3) Try a half-up and half-down hairstyle with a loose braid like Jessica Chastain: With her gorgeous fiery locks worn in a half-up style which was part ponytail and part braid, the 37-year-old actress was a gorgeous sight at the recent Critics’ Choice Awards. If you’re not ready to try a braid just yet, take baby steps into this hair trend with a dual hairstyle for the best of both worlds.


Photo: Wendy ILES (@ileswendy) on Twitter

 4) Style your hair into two playful pigtails like Cara Delevingne: With her slick and shiny locks worn in two quaint pigtails for the recent DKNY Spring 2015 campaign, 22-year-old model Cara Delevingne is a charming sight. For an inspired look, try styling baby hair on your forehead with a touch of gel after plaiting your locks into two braids.


Photo: Megan Portorreal (@meganportorreal) on Twitter 

5) Step out with a charming five strand braid, as seen at Marissa Webb: Who says that a classic braid must be limited to three simple strands? This gorgeous braid from Marissa Webb’s Spring 2015 show was created with five woven strands, with loose side bangs peeking out. Try creating a deep side part, before dividing straight locks into five sections.

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