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Evelyne Brochu Shares Her Surprising Workout And Beauty Secrets


Evelyne Brochu stars as Aurora Luft, a fearless woman spy, in the new CBC series X Company about WWII. The show which premiered last week, airs tonight at 9 p.m on CBC. The gorgeous French Canadian actress took a moment to let Real Style know how she stays in that fabulous shape and share her beauty secrets ( which may surprise you).

Evelyne you are in great shape, very slim and fit. What do you do to stay fit?
I think a lot of answers come from the body. When you feel stuck and you force yourself to move your body, things shake up. I think physical activity, whatever it may be, is necessary to the body and mind, it moves things around. That’s why I try to move as much as I can, walk, go the gym, nothing special, just get moving every day.

Do you have a favorite beauty secret?
I’m a huge fan of perfume; smell is a very important sense to me. It tells a story, and I think perfume can be as important as clothing. I’m a huge fan of certain essences, I like noticing the smell of colleagues and friends.

How do you keep you hair looking healthy? Do you have favorite hair products?
I believe in people more than products. For my hair I go to Martin at M coiffure in Montréal. But I do have to say that Kinky Curly is amazing for natural curls, you just put it on wet hair and it dries naturally and boom.

photo: Julie Artacho

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