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Empire’s Grace Gealey Talks Makeup, Hair And Workout Tips


Empire’s Grace Gealey lights up our screen every Wednesday evening on the new hit Fox TV show where she stars as Anika Gibbons.  The busy actress took a moment to chat with us about her beauty and makeup secrets, her favourite go to makeup items, and her workout tips.

Your skin looks absolutely flawless, tell us about your beauty and makeup secrets.
Thank you! I am actually extremely disciplined when it comes to to my skin. I wash, tone and moisturize twice a day – and I exfoliate about two times a week. I only use water-based foundations and a fabulous primer that I adore is Hourglass’ Veil Mineral Primer with SPF. Sunscreen is a must for me!

What are your favorite go to makeup items?
I’m a mascara junkie and my latest obsession is Benefit’s ‘They’re Real’ mascara. Stila has some fabulous items that I’m a fan of as well: their waterproof eyebrow liquid pen and their liquid eyeliner pen. Magic.

Do you have favorite hair products or treatments?
Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner. I also love Wen for shampooing. So great!

Do you have any workout tips?
Consistency is key! Since I dance every week, I won’t really do cardio at the gym so instead, I love to lift weights. I designate particular muscle groups to certain days and aim to stick to them because I can really see the results I desire.

Photo:  Shanna Fisher

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