Create An Old Hollywood Beauty Look With This Makeup Tutorial


Photo: makeupbyannalee on Instagram 

With the 87th Annual Academy Awards stealing the spotlight on February 22, it’s the perfect time to experiment with a glamorous Old Hollywood beauty look to channel your inner movie star. Whether you’re hosting an Oscars party at home or simply hoping to look the part of a seductive screen siren, check out this YouTube tutorial by makeup artist Annalee Muggeridge.

1) Start off by using your fingers to gently dab concealer on your upper eyelids and then slowly blend in.

2) Next, use an eyeshadow brush to delicately add a layer of dark brown eyeshadow over the crease of the eyelid. To add to your ladylike eye look, brush on a hint of peachy pink shadow.

3) Apply a thin line of black gel eyeliner with a sharp winged effect, for a cat eye look. Define your eyes with a coat of black mascara. If you like, also apply false lashes at this point for a dramatic effect.

4) To showcase your flawless complexion like a true vintage Hollywood icon, use a kabuki brush to slowly smooth on liquid foundation. If needed, also touch up smudged concealer under your eyes at this point and add a light layer of pressed powder for a silky finish.

5) For a glamorous glow, use a subtle touch of bronzer to bring warm colour to a winterized complexion.

6) After evenly applying the bronzer around your forehead and cheekbones, move on to giving your cheeks natural and rosy colour.

7) For dark and full arches which would make even a true Hollywood belle jealous, use a dark brown eyebrow pencil to shade in light or sparse brows, if needed.

8) Use a dark brown eyeshadow to outline under your lower lash line, for a slight smokey effect. Add black eye pencil to your lower lids and a coat of mascara to your lower lash line.

9) As a finishing touch, trace your lips with a vibrant red lip liner. Fill in your pout with a vampy deep red lipstick shade to complete the look of statement lip colour. Showcase this new beauty look with tousled waves, and enjoy your glamorous night!

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