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Bitten’s Laura Vandervoort Shares Her Beauty And Fitness Secrets


 Photo Courtesy of Marc Cartwright

Laura Vandervoort plays the sexiest and only she wolf on TV as Elena Michaels in the fan favorite show Bitten. Our cover girl of summer of 2013 tells us about her favorite beauty products and how she maintains that amazing figure of hers!

Real Style: What are your go-to beauty products these days?

Laura: I actually use Moroccan Oil, which is a cruelty-free product. I use a lot of their body lotion and hair products, which I love.

Real Style: How about some of your favourite makeup and also a beauty regime – any tips on how you keep that gorgeous complexion of yours?

Laura: Right now, I’m loving Hourglass foundation. I think that’s a great foundation. Peter Thomas Roth has my favourite mascara that I’m constantly using. He has a line of products and his stuff is great..

Real Style: Workout or health tips?

Laura: In terms of working out, I just try to do something physical every day. I mix it up, I do spinning, hot yoga. I just got out of a Pilates Plus class right now, which is great. It’s on a reformer and it’s challenging and it sort of shocks your body into doing something different and moving in a different way, using your own resistance. To get in shape for Elena, I worked out with a trainer and we used a lot of the resistance bands and not weights, and did a lot of cardiovascular, getting your heart rate up and then down. Hiking, that sort of thing. This season, I wanted to be a little more of a fighting machine.

Real Style: Any diet tricks or tips?

Laura: For me, it’s just trying to get protein, because I don’t really eat meat. So, it’s the almond butters and protein powders, lot of fruits and vegetables. I try to almost do a Paleo diet, but I’m not very good at sticking to it. I eat several little meals a day, instead of three big ones, while I’m working, because you want to not feel too heavy, and drinking lots of water.

Season two of Bitten premieres on Saturday, Feb. 7 at 9 p.m. ET.

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