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Beauty Review: The Body Shop Smoky Poppy Bath Bombs



Photo: The Body Shop

What It Is:

The Body Shop’s new Smoky Poppy Bath Bombs are created with poppy seeds and Community Fair Trade sesame seed oil, which is derived from the hills of Achuapa in northern Nicaragua. The key ingredients, poppy seeds, are used for their moisturizing properties. Meanwhile, sesame seed oil contains the antioxidant Vitamin E, which can prevent skin from free radical damage. According to The Body Shop, the fair trade sesame seeds are harvested by hand and then filtered to create oil.

The bath bombs are sold in a set of six, with each one split evenly in half. For anyone debating a couple’s bubble bath  just in time for Valentine’s Day or hoping for an extra-long soak in the tub, The Body Shop cheekily asks beauty addicts to “share the charm and make it a bath for two.”

Like most bath bombs, these poppy-infused creations are dropped into a tub filled with warm water for use.

What We Thought: 

As soon as the sleek package was popped open, a powerful scent hit our nostrils. For anyone who is sensitive to scents or finds the heavy aroma of authentic poppy to be a distracting sensation, these bath-time treats will drop quite the bomb- no pun intended!

On the other hand, the ultra smoky essence may be comforting if you’re an adventurous fragrance lover. While the clinging scent followed us into the tub and stayed on for some time, the bath bombs were surprisingly gentle once they dissolved. Luckily, a brief soak left us with moisturized and refreshed skin, despite the fierce winter temperatures. At the end of the day, having soft skin while the mercury drops is definitely “the bomb”, especially for anyone who isn’t afraid of a trace of poppy.

Con: The scent was rather strong, so make sure you like the scent first

Pro: Skin felt smooth and refreshed after the bath, made for a relaxing soak

Smoky Poppy Bath Bombs are now available at, $15 for a 300 g package.

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