Create A Glam Copper Makeup Look With This Tutorial


Photo: sccastaneda on Instagram 

If you’re hoping to incorporate metallics into your makeup regime this winter, a hint of gleaming copper eyeshadow goes a long way while creating a luminous beauty look. Here’s our guide to this YouTube tutorial by beauty blogger Sonia Castañeda .

1) Using your fingers, start off by gently applying a touch of primer to your upper and lower eyelids.


The tutorial recommends this Smashbox 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer, $23.

2) Apply a touch of copper shadow with a peachy tint, using an eyeshadow brush. Be sure to gently add the eyeshadow under your brow bone and around the corners of your eyelids as well.


Try this Ardency Inn MODSTER Manuka Honey Enriched Pigments in Rose Gold, $24.

3) Next, add a touch of light orange eyeshadow to complement the bold copper hue.

4) Continue adding to your exciting array of warm eyeshadow shades by lightly applying a shimmery brown shade to the mix of hues.

5) If needed, style any stray brow hairs by using an eyebrow brush and neutral shade of brow powder.

6) Add dark eyeliner and a dramatic coat of black mascara to emphasize both your lashes and the striking look of the eyeshadow.

7) Use your eyeshadow brush to carefully apply a touch of the copper-coloured shadow under your lower lash line. Gently smudge in place for a sultry, blended effect.

8) Use a sponge applicator and makeup brush to add a light layer of natural liquid foundation onto your visage.

9) If you would like to add false eyelashes to place your glittering lids under the spotlight, carefully position your luxurious lashes into place once you’ve applied your flawless foundation.


10) Enhance your look with a hint of bronzer and either a peach-toned or neutral blush. Complete your dazzling beauty look with a finishing powder and an understated nude lipstick. For a seductive yet natural pout, try this L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Lipstick in Fairest Nude (Nude) 800, $9, which is featured in the video.

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