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Copy Olivia Munn’s Classic Makeup And Hair From New Film “Mortdecai”


Photo: Charlie Mortdecai (@PartTimeRogue) on Twitter

With her sleek updo and flawless face, 34-year-old brunette beauty Olivia Munn sizzles as the sophisticated and seductive Georgina Krampf in the new action comedy Mortdecai, directed by David Koep. The actress plays an alluring and rich young seductress, opposite Johnny Depp as roguish art dealer Charlie Mortdecai and Gwyneth Paltrow as Charlie’s wife Johanna. If you’re hoping to channel your fiery inner Georgina, here’s our guide to copying her defined dark eyebrows, black eyeliner, passionate scarlet lips and elegant bun.


1) Emphasize your eyebrows with a fierce defined touch:  With her bold brows, Munn’s character makes quite the statement on the silver screen. Use a mechanical eyebrow pencil to fill in naturally light or sparse brows and launch your vixen inspired beauty look.

Liner (1)

2) Use black liquid liner to create a vampy eye look: A hint of eyeliner makes all the difference in creating a doe-eyed and flirtatious eye makeup look. Add a hint of liquid liner for a sultry jet black finish.



3) Create a passionate pout with bold red lipstick: Last but not least, Georgina’s perfect crimson pout helps to fully complete her classic beauty look. Add a lipstick shade in a deep rosy red to showcase your fierce eyebrows and darkly defined eyes.


To copy Georgina’s smooth high bun, we’re inspired by this hair tutorial from Carli Bybel. Here’s how to achieve a similar look:

 1) Start off with straightened tresses, lightly brushed back and pulled into a frizz-free high ponytail at the crown. To hold your style, spritz on hairspray to lock your style in place.

 2) Next, the tutorial surprisingly recommends using an old toothbrush as an unconventional beauty tool to slick back those unruly locks.

 3) Begin crafting a flawless bun by cutting the toes of an old (and hopefully clean) sock. Wrap your jaunty high ponytail around the cut sock portion and gently twist your locks around the sock, to create an enviable bun.

4) Use bobby pins to hold your updated hairstyle in place, and enjoy your vampy new look.

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