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Beauty Review: The Body Shop Wonderblur


Photo: The Body Shop Indo (@TheBodyShopIndo) on Twitter

What It Is:

The Body Shop’s new Wonderblur is a moisturizing and lightweight skincare product from the brand’s Drops of Youth Range, designed to offer the face a must-have healthy and youthful look. This blurring beauty buy promises a boost of hydration, with a goal of keeping your visage refreshed for up to 12 hours. It aims to minimize the look of pesky fine lines, stressful wrinkles and irritating enlarged pores, by simply disguising the evidence with a gentle blur effect.

Wonderblur is created with Edelweiss stem cells, derived from the mountain flower edelweiss which calls the rocky alpine environments of Austria and Switzerland its home. The stem cells of this plant may have a positive effect on anti-aging and skincare. The product is also enriched with organic and Community Fair Trade babassu oil, an essential Brazilian ingredient that originates from the nuts of the Amazonian wild babassu palm tree and has moisturizing qualities.

Wonderblur is meant to be applied to the entire visage, as a finishing touch to your regular beauty routine. The product is smoothed on using the fingers, before adding any makeup.

What We Thought:

With an earthy aroma, Wonderblur made a smooth entrance and quickly left us with a winning first impression. The natural fragrance makes it easy to slick on as part of a morning skincare regimen.

Surprisingly, this product also offered a quick tingling sensation once it was applied onto the face. While it was a brief tingling which wasn’t unpleasant, this may be a slight distraction to beauty lovers with sensitive skin types.

Wonderblur strives to “instantly smooth skin texture”, which is definitely a welcome idea as the season’s fierce winter temperatures lead to dry and dull complexions. Luckily, this skincare pick also offered a helpful hint of softness and left us with a refreshed glow during a busy weekday.

Wonderblur will be available at and in store at The Body Shop locations in March, $25 for a 30 mL bottle.

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