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Beyoncé Launches Cool New Nail Collaboration with NCLA

Yesterday Beyonce gave us a look at her new collaboration with Los Angeles–based beauty company NCLA on her website. The collection includes four packs of nail wraps in four unique designs.

Each of the nail art design all have incorporated her work in music videos and performances into the designs. The first called “Je Ne Sais Quoi” is covered with the neon signs seen in her music video for “Blow.” Second is “No Rest In the Kingdom” which is similar to the Tom Ford jumpsuit she wore to the MTV Music Awards. “I Come with a Side of Trouble” features scribbles all over the nail of track listing from her latest album. And the fourth design, “I Woke Up Like This” sports a plaid pattern, like the one she wears in her “Flawless” video.


“With drying time removed from the equation, the press-on strips are primed for a spontaneous quick change. You can never peg what [Beyoncé] wants to wear or who she wants to be that day—you have to be able to switch it up,” Beyonce’s manicurist Lisa Logan told Vogue.

Shop the nail wraps now, they’re going to go fast! They sell for $18.00 each on

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