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Beauty Review: Avon Skin So Soft Aqua Express Body Milk Spray


Photo: Avon

What It Is:

This spray-on moisturizer by Avon is created with watermint oil and enriched with both shea butter and vitamin E. The dermatologically tested spray is designed for daily use, to nourish dry and winterized skin. The lightweight moisturizer is applied by gently spritzing the spray, and then lightly rubbing into the skin. It aims for lightweight moisture with ingredients which are time-released for a gradual hydrating boost.

What We Thought:

While many moisturizers come with a heavy, clinging scent, Avon’s Body Milk Spray makes a splash with its delicate citrus fragrance. After the watery product is applied like a hairspray, the ladylike fragrance is a welcoming touch.

For anyone suffering from cracked skin in need of repair, this spray provides a winning alternative to a classic lotion. The milky texture is delicate, while the handy spray feature makes afternoon applications a breeze. While heavy body butters may require intense rubbing and leave behind a sticky feeling, the Body Milk Spray offers a surprising silky application.

Although it does require several spritzes to coat the skin with this product’s luxurious touch, the extra effort is worth the trouble for a burst of moisture.

With its heavenly light scent and convenient soft bottle, we think the Body Milk Spray is a must-have skincare buy to survive yet another season in a winter wonderland.

Available at, $9.99.

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