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Top 5 Foods To Eat For Healthy Skin


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If you’re hoping to keep up a rosy and clear complexion as we quickly head into a winter wonderland of frost and wind, it’s probably a smart move to keep an eye on your diet. Luckily, we’ve compiled a round up of the top five foods for healthy skin. From olive oil to pomegranate, here’s our list of a few grocery essentials for a gorgeous glow.

1) Olive oil: While this kitchen staple may be your go-to ingredient for everything from pasta to homemade salad dressing, olive oil is also a superfood with skin benefits. This antioxidant-rich and anti-inflammatory oil is loaded with Vitamins A and E, which boost collagen and have an anti aging effect on the skin. reports that olive oil also contains the compound hydroxytyrosol, an antioxidant in olive oil that can stop free radical damage to skin.

2) Strawberries: We all know that snacking on a bowl of juicy strawberries in late fall will instantly transport you back to those sweet summer days. However, strawberries are also enriched with alpha-hydroxy acid, which removes dead skin cells and allows re-energized skin to shine through.

3) Green tea: With its calming effect, green tea is the perfect hot drink for frigid November days. While you’re sipping on your next mug, keep in mind that the antioxidant powers of the catechins in green tea can combat the skin damage of free radicals. According to, these unstable molecules can affect the skin as a result of UV exposure, which can lead to 90 per cent of signs of premature aging!

4) Yogurt: The benefits of protein in Greek yogurt can lead to firm skin, which can help to keep wrinkles under control. Yogurt can also be used as a soothing homemade facial for refreshed skin. With lactic acid as a natural alpha hydroxy acid, this dairy must-have has exfoliating benefits.

5) Pomegranate: If you’re craving both an exotic getaway and healthy skin, bite into the luscious red seeds of a pomegranate. This superfruit enhances the production of collagen, for increased skin elasticity. reports that antioxidant-rich pomegranate can even prevent sun damage to the skin and protect skin from the risk of skin cancer.

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