Makeup Trend to Try: Bold Brows


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Celebs everywhere have been proving that strong, bold brows are a major makeup must-try for fall. The bold brow trend is definitely your newest accessory for your face. Full, thick brows still continue to inspire looks on and off the runway as well as the red carpet. Model Cara Delevigne is known to sport the bushy brow as well as actresses Lily Collins and Emma Watson. Here’s why you should give this bold  look a go.

So why go bold?

-Bold, thick eyebrows can draw away from dark circles

-They help you look more youthful,and portray a more effortless kind of beauty

-Full brows can work for anyone, and adds character to your face


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How to achieve the naturally full brows:

-Using an angled brush, apply your brow colour in short, hair-like strokes

-Run the spoolie over the eyebrows once to soften any harsh lines

-Use a soft brow highlight underneath the arch of the brow bone to subtly accent the brows

Watch the video below to see the brow filling process in action!

Here are some must-have products to help you create a bold brow:


Lise Watier Eyebrow Fix Brow Control Gel $19.

One coat tames unruly brows and gives them a touch of colour.


Lancôme Le Sourcil Pro Brow Pencil $29.

Use the darker end for your brows, and then highlight under the brow with the other end.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade $23.

 A water-resistant formula that’s also smudge-proof, so it keeps your brows in place all day.

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