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Canadian Actress Natalie Brown Shares Her Favorite Beauty Products


We had a chance to speak with Canadian actress Natalie Brown.  She gave us the scoop on her beauty regime along with favourite products and nutrition tips. You can catch her in hit TV shows like Bitten, Being Human, The Listener and most recently The Strain.

RS: Describe your beauty regime?

Natalie: Simple and natural. Cleanse, exfoliate  (once a week) and moisturize using the most natural products you can find, and try to hydrate!!

RS: What are your five favorite beauty products and why?

N: 1. Liquid Nectar Toner by “Rituals” by Andrea Olivera Completely natural and made in Toronto.

2. Rejuvenation Serum by Rituals by Andrea Olivera

3. Pointed Q tips. Great for correcting eyeliner

4. Quo duo shadow stick and liner

5. Tarte natural 12 hr liquid foundation. It erases fine lines and moisturizes while evening out skin tones.

RS: Top beauty or makeup tip?

N: Almond oil all over the body. The skin is our largest organ so choose carefully what you put on it.

RS: Top nutrition or diet tip?

N: Coconut oil -we’re all fat deprived, after eating a decade of “fat-free” bs foods, & we need to eat good fats! This is one of the best. Cook or bake with it, add it to smoothies, even put it in your coffee. So good!

RS: Your favorite easy workout moves?

N: Plank, standing squats or lunges, and stair sprints or skipping.  I don’t have the patience for lengthy cardio sessions- I much prefer fast bursts of high intensity and stability training, and you can do it pretty much anywhere.

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