Beauty Breakthrough: Laser Hair Removal


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Removing hair can be such a pain. Shaving is irritating and the hair just grows back the next day, waxing is very painful, and creams just smell awful and it can get a bit messy.

Laser hair removal has been a big trend with more women ditching the razor and other old hair removal techniques and looking for ways to permanently remove unwanted hair. However, there are some negatives with laser as well. Not only does it feel like an elastic band snapping at your skin, results can take awhile. But with technology advancing comes a new and improved laser that is going to rescue us from hair removal hell.



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The LightSheer Desire Laser is an extremely fast process since it covers a large surface area where as the old lasers don’t. It is easy, effortless, designed to use anywhere on the body, and the best thing about this laser is that it is absolutely painless! Dreams really do come true! This laser targets almost all hair colours and skin tones, unlike the traditional laser which is only effective on dark hair and light skin tones.

Now, this technique is quite expensive with prices ranging from around $1,500 for the bikini and underarm area to about $3,900 for the entire leg. Even though it is a hefty amount, according to a research study the average woman spends more than $10,000 on hair removal products and four months removing the hair in their life. So when it really comes down to it, it’s worth the investment.

It promises that after five treatments (which is the recommended number of treatments) 90% of your hair should be permanently gone. Some people have reported that their hair was completely gone by the third session.

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