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Health Benefits of Acai Berry


Photo: Acai Berry (@AcaiStorecom) on Twitter

You may have noticed that the acai berry has been making its way into everything from juice blends to face creams, but what exactly are the health benefits of this superfruit? The tiny and mighty reddish-purple berry comes from the acai palm tree, which is found in South America, Central America and Trinidad. While it may have exotic roots, this powerful berry has been hitting grocery stores everywhere with a splash over the past few seasons. Here’s our guide to the top benefits of the acai berry:

1) Acai berry is an incredible source of antioxidants: While you can get a dose of antioxidants from other fruit, the tiny acai berry is an absolute powerhouse! According to, the berry has an antioxidant capacity that’s a staggering 300 per cent higher than blueberries or grapes. In fact, Dr. Oz reports that this little superfood has an Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity of over 3,500. With antioxidants playing a role in preventing cancer, Alzheimer’s and cataracts, it’s a health-smart move to keep sipping on that acai berry smoothie.

2) It may play a role in preventing heart disease: The berry is boosted with anthocyanins, a form of antioxidant that can lower your level of blood cholesterol and support a healthy heart.

3) It is a great food for good digestion: If you find yourself struggling with an upset stomach, acai berry may be your superfruit solution. Global Healing Center reports that this fiber-rich berry helps to detoxify the digestive tract.

4) It assists with the anti-aging process: It’s no surprise that this Amazonian berry is quickly finding itself as a key ingredient in beauty counter essentials. The plant phytochemicals in acai help to fight against the effects of aging, which is always a beauty benefit.

5) It’s packed with nutrients and low in sugar: Low in sugar, the acai berry is a nutritious pick for diabetics or for anyone looking to avoid extra sugar in their daily diet. The berry is also a source of iron, calcium and vitamin A. It’s also packed with oleic acid, a good fatty acid which can help to reduce cholesterol levels in the body.

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