Get The Look- Halloween Black Cat Makeup Tutorial


Photo: niomismart on Instagram 

If you’re still hunting for last-minute Halloween inspiration, an easy and adorable cat makeup look may be your eleventh-hour beauty solution. Here’s our guide to this sultry yet sweet YouTube tutorial for a fierce feline look:

1) Start off with a fresh-faced visage, with concealer and a touch of rosy pink blush.

2) Next, use a brush to gently apply a white shimmer eyeshadow on your upper eyelids and under your lash line.

3) Add a layer of bronze shimmer eyeshadow on your lids, using your fingers to gently smudge in the shadow.

4) Next, use black liquid eyeliner to define your upper eyelids. Try Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Black, $26. Add a thick swoop for a dramatic winged effect. Define your lower eyelids with a thin line, before dragging the liner out toward your nose. Add a slight edgy line pointing down, on either side of your nose bridge.

5) Next, you’ll add in a black cat nose and whiskers for a complete kitty makeover. Gently use the liquid liner to paint the lower portion of your nose, right above your nostrils. Flick out the liquid liner slightly on either side of your nose bridge, to add a slight line turning up.

6) Use a lip crayon in a bright berry red to bring bold colour to your lips. Delicately paint over the upper lip for a vampy full-lipped effect.

7) Use your black liquid liner to outline your top lip, over the red lip shade. Paint a vertical line from your upper lip to the tip of your nose.

8) Dab on five dots using the liquid liner on either side of your face, directly above the lips.

9) Next, create whiskers by using the liner to flick on three short whiskers on either side.

10) Curl your lashes and add a bold coat of dramatic black mascara. You can also add a set of false lashes for high-drama beauty.

Happy Halloween!

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