Beauty Interview

Cheryl Hickey Launches OURS Beauty Line


ET Canada host Cheryl Hickey is known as a blond beauty, but now she’s making her first foray into the beauty biz. Her new beauty line OURS, which launched today, was inspired by her children, and promises to be a must-try for women looking for all-natural alternatives.

When Hickey was having her first child, she wanted to make sure she had the best products to put on his skin. “To be organic and natural, there was a blurry line there, and it was also very expensive,” said Hickey at today’s launch of OURS.

Not knowing what was in the products worried Hickey, and after having her second child, she set about creating a line of all-natural skin care products in partnership with Swiss Farm. “I’ve never put my name behind something this way before and I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t trust the company that I’m working with,” says Hickey.

OURS includes eight products for head to toe use, and the great thing about the products is that they are made with simple, easy to pronounce ingredients. “Life is too complicated already that we shouldn’t have to research the back of a bottle to know that it’s okay to use,” says Hickey.

As for Hickey’s favourite product from the line, “It’s The Anything Balm,” she says. “I put it on before I put my makeup on every day, because it just gives me that hydration that I want.”

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