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3 Guilt Free Treats To Enjoy Right Now


Photo: Chiquita (@Chiquita) on Twitter

With September upon us, you may be looking for fuss-free yet delicious snack options which are perfect for the office or for school. Whether you’re hoping to breeze through an endless day of meetings or face a daunting day of classes, smart snacks can go a long way in maintaining energy levels. Here’s our guide to three tempting guilt-free treats to enjoy right now:

1) Bite into a frozen Greek yogurt pop: As a low-calorie and high-protein alternative to ice cream, this frozen treat is great for cutting back on your guilt while savoring that rich dairy goodness. Simply freeze a strawberry, lemon or cherry flavour of yogurt in a set of ice pop moulds, and enjoy in the morning for a chilling start to your workday.

2) Sip on a rich strawberry mango smoothie: While summer may have left you craving a sinful milkshake, a luscious smoothie is a great choice for a health-smart cold drink. Combine organic strawberries, sliced mangoes, a splash of milk and Greek yogurt into a scrumptious fruit smoothie.

3) Munch on a banana dipped in honey, granola and nuts: If the arrival of autumn has you craving sticky candy apples and toffee, try this healthy pick instead! Place a peeled whole banana on a bamboo skewer or stick, and dip the fruit in honey before sprinkling healthy toppings over your new favourite snack. With bananas containing a high source of the essential mineral potassium (which helps with strong muscles and can prevent high blood pressure or heart disease), this treat is a wise idea for a daytime snack.

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