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How Does Sunscreen Protect Skin? Watch This Crazy Video to Find Out

How does sunscreen work?

Have you ever wondered what exactly sunscreen does to help your skin fight off the harmful rays from the sun? Well, now you can see exactly how sunscreen acts as a protectant in this new short film by Thomas Leveritt.

This video shows users exactly how sunscreen acts and it’s so dramatic — it almost looks like stage makeup — and the users are shocked!

Those of you with fair skin are a bit more susceptible to the sun’s damaging effects — and as you can see in the video — often have hidden freckles and signs of dehydration.

Those of you with naturally darker skin tones, well, you’re slightly off the hook.

The photographer uses a UV camera to show random people on the street just how sun effects their skin — and their reactions are amazing.

The outcome is similar to the effect of lenses on sunglasses work — which is exactly what sunscreen does, too.

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