A Beginner’s Guide To Retinol


Retinol has been the buzz for skincare since 1999 as one of the best and most remarkable anti-aging creams. Making its way into skincare products such as night creams, serums, cleansers and even sunscreen, retinol in a nutshell is a skincare miracle! But like any product we put on our skin, it’s always good to do a little research and know what you’re using. So for those beginners, here are some things you need to know about retinol.

Look and Feel Younger!

The beauty of retinol is that it effectively fights wrinkles and fine lines, which is its most popular use.


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Keep It Sealed

Retinol can degrade easily if not packaged properly, so be sure that the container is air-tight and opaque to prevent any oxygen or UV-light from penetrating.

Take It Slow

It’s best to incorporate retinol into your beauty regimen gradually. Start off by applying a product that contains Retinol to build your tolerance level, until eventually you can add this effective ingredient into your daily routine. This leaves little chance of flaking and redness.

Yes To Sunny Days

Despite the myths, Retinol can be safe to use on sunny days. It could be sunscreen containing retinol or a retinol cream with SPF protection. Either way, this powerful ingredient can fight wrinkles and aging from day to night!

Dose of Vitamin A

The most effective type of Retinol is one that contains Vitamin A. So be sure to check the labels and ingredients to see if you’re gettting the most of your retinol cream.

More Than You Think

Retinol may be best known for its anti-aging powers, but it fights more than just that. It also improves skin tone, reduces size of pores and any signs of photodamage. It also has the ability to fight wrinkles and fine lines before they even appears so you can always look younger!


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