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7 Healthy Office Snacks


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If you have a packed schedule of morning meetings, after-work events and long days in the office ahead of you, it’s easy enough to depend on comfort food for that quick boost during a hectic weekday. However, it’s definitely a better idea to drop the chocolate bar or sugary chocolate chip cookie, and pick up a healthy snack instead for some fuel. Here’s our guide to the best smart snacks for the office:

Greek Yogurt: Why not forget about the ice cream truck parked at the corner, and tuck into a cup of rich Greek yogurt instead? If you’re looking for a burst of flavour, take a break from everyday vanilla and dig into a fruity strawberry or blueberry cup instead. Greek yogurt is packed with protein, helping you feel full and keeping tempting cravings under control.

Peanut Butter-Stuffed Apple: recommends this snack fix for a pick-me-up while at work. Try slicing an apple in half and adding a scoop of peanut butter, as well as a sprinkle of granola over the wedges. If you want a super health-conscious fix, aim for organic peanut butter to bring life to that juicy Red Delicious.

Granola with Almonds and Cranberries: According to, granola can help lower cholesterol levels. This power food loaded with oats and nuts is also loaded with fiber, Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E and several minerals (including magnesium). Add sliced or slivered almonds and cranberries for extra flavour.

Spiced Walnuts or Cashews: You can never go wrong with a helpful handful of nuts for an afternoon snack, especially if you’re looking to fight a three o’clock slump! reports that walnuts contain a unique form of Vitamin E, which is a higher level of this essential vitamin, along with heart health benefits. As part of the tree nut family, cashews are also heart-healthy, antioxidant-rich and can even lower your chances of gaining weight.

Hummus with Whole Wheat Pita: If you’re craving the crunchy taste of chips, go for this tasty and smart alternative instead! Lightly toasted whole wheat pita slices will give you that satisfying snack, while hummus flavours like roasted red pepper, garlic or masala-infused spicy varieties give your snack a kick.

Cucumber Slices with Yogurt Dip: Packed with Vitamin B, cucumbers are also known to help lower cholesterol, keep blood pressure under control and assist with weight loss. Cut up this cool veggie into slices, add salt and pack yourself some yogurt and mint dip for a snack later.

Whole Wheat Crackers with Avocado Dip: Avocadoes may be known as a power food because of their antioxodant-enriched and high-fiber nature, but they’ve also always been scrumptious in a creamy dip. Take a break with homemade guacamole and low-sodium whole wheat crackers to bring your energy back.



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