How to Make Your Own DIY Skin Toner

How to Make Your Own DIY Skin Toner

Ever since Pinterest launched in 2010, the DIY craze has swept the country. Everyone is finding ways to be creative on a budget, including with skin care. Check out how to make your own homemade DIY skin toner with some easily found items.

This facial toner uses only four simple ingredients and is great for getting rid of excess oil, reducing pores and brightening the skin!


1/4 cup lemon juice

1/3 cup witch hazel

2 tablespoons rubbing alcohol

1/2 cup water



1. Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl (don’t worry! It’s super easy!) If you want to add a little scent of your own, just add a few drops of essential oil.

2. Grab some travel bottles from the dollar store (a spray bottle may be easier to handle) and pour the mix into the bottles. Spray onto a cotton pad and apply circularly morning and night after cleansing.

Note: The lemon in the tonic lotion helps to reduce blemishes and brighten the skin. The witch hazel will reduce any inflammation and tighten pores and the rubbing alcohol will remove any excess oil.

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