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Smashbox Cosmetics’ Global Pro Artist Lori Taylor Davis Interview On How To Wear Neon Makeup

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Santigolden Age Collection from Smashbox

Lori Taylor Davis has worked with some of the most famous faces in the business. She’s also been an artist backstage for many fashion shows and now heads the Global development team at Smashbox Cosmetics. Real Style asked her all about neon and how you should (and shouldn’t) be wearing it. Read her answers now:

Real Style: Who can wear it/Who shouldn’t wear it?

Lori Taylor Davis: The non-daring and it should not be paired with a smoky eye. It looks best when skin is perfect and eyes are simple.  Think cat eyeliner, tons of lashes (mascara) and a stronger brow. This is one of my favorite summer trends as it looks great on sun-kissed but just as flawless on the fair-faced ladies as well.

RS: What’s the best way to apply?

LTD: Lips seem to have the best take on the trend since it’s all about saturation of color. I love bright blue, turquoise and yellow for the eyes.  And a bright pink for the cheeks.

RS: Which colors work best for which skin tones?

LTD: Fair/light Skins – Radiant Orchid or Fuchsia Pink. Med/Dark Skins – Orange or Bright Salmon & Bright Baby Pink.

RS: Any other tips to when applying neon makeup?  

LTD: You should not wear the lips, eyes & cheeks all at the same time.  This look is best when you pick a feature to go bold with. Remember: Not all at the same time!

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