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Easy Ways To Improve Your Posture

Businesswoman Suffering From Back Pain

Many people don’t realize that having good posture is an important part to keeping your body healthy.  Especially when you’re slumping and slouching on an office chair the entire day, poor posture can really take a toll on your body and affect the structure of your spine, shoulders, hips and knees.  Good posture is also key to keeping fit in the gym, so to help prevent you from becoming the Hunchback of Notre Dame, we have here 5 tips to help you improve your posture!

1. Exercise Does Wonders!

Weight issues are one of the problems associated to bad posture.  It affects how our skeleton and muscles support one another, so maintaining a good and healthy weight will immediately strengthen your muscles and help hold your body back to its correct position.  Not only does exercising strengthen you, but it is known to boost your energy to create a more positive you everyday!

2. Get Up and Move!

If you’re in a school or job setting that requires hours on hours of sitting, your body is more likely to slouch, which is a sign that your muscles are tired of being in the same position.  An easy solution to that is to just get up and move!  Even if it’s just for a minute or two, it’s good to shake and wake up your body every 30 minutes to prevent it from slumping down.

3. Ladies, Beware The Heels

That’s right ladies, wearing heels all the time can alter your body’s centre of gravity and affect its alignment.  So if you don’t have to wear heels that day, don’t!   Besides, it’s more comfortable just to wear comfy flats or sandals.  But if you must, opt for shorter heels to help improve your posture.

4.  Sit Up

A big contributor to bad posture is not sitting correctly.  If you’re forced to sit in a chair the whole day, the least you can do is get a good chair to sit on that has good lumbar support.  The backrest of the chair should have a natural curve that fits to your lower back so that your ears, shoulders and hips are all aligned properly.  The right way to sit is to also keep your feet flat on the floor, not crossed or folded.

5. The Right Side Of The Bed  

Even when you’re unaware and sleeping you can improve your posture!  If you’ve got a soft, slumpy mattress, toss it out and replace it with a firm one.  Sleep either on your back or side, but never on your stomach.  Your pillow should also keep your head aligned to the rest of your body, so be aware of what you’re sleeping in at night.  It may be comfortable, but not proper.

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