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Rookie Blue Actress Charlotte Sullivan’s Favourite Beauty Products

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Charlotte Sullivan returns to Rookie Blue’s fifth season as officer Gail Peck. We love her short pixie hair and punky look, so we had to know how she gets her look off the set. Read about her favourite beauty products below.

1) Binchotan Charcoal Toothbrushes
Apparently the charcoal gives off negative ions and helps remove plaque while whitening and preventing harmful bacterial growth on your brush. Since I always buy into quackery these pretty little slugs look awfully nice in my medicine cabinet.

2) PAPERSELF Eyelashes
These stunning eyeball drapes take the cake. Perfect for husband hunting or wife shopping. Reels them in every time.

3) Black lipstick
I collect these slugs like McDonalds happy meal toys. They’re strictly for making out in the dark and then turning the light on to see what kind of art you’ve left on your lovers gob.

4) Straight blade razors
Ever since I chopped all my hair off I have to shave my pesky walrus neck whiskers on the regular.

5) Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille
This is the Mercedes of perfume. Tom if you weren’t such a magnificent beast I’d slap you for inflation.  I believe each squirt costs 10 bones. I guess that’s the price of smelling like a sweet tobacco chewing Joe DiMaggio. Fly balls and home runs all the way to the bank.

6) Pepper Spray & Brass Knuckles
Double Bonus round!!! I know you only wanted 5 items but no beauty list would be complete without a knuckle sandwich and a bit of mace. I mean with all this talk of white teeth, fake eyelashes, sexy lips, hairless necks and gangster colognes a girls gotta protect herself.

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