How To Get Elle Fanning’s Sleeping Beauty Hair From Maleficent


Elle Fanning gets to live out every little girl’s fantasy and become a princess for her new movie Maleficent. As Princess Aurora, or sleeping beauty, Elle has the prettiest makeup and hair. We’re especially loving this waterfall braid crown with floral accents. Surprisingly, this look is not that hard to do yourself. Here are two different ways to get Elle Fanning’s princess hair from Maleficent.

Half Ponytail

You can get this style with straight hair, but start with unwashed or freshly curled hair to really get the look.

Take one large strand of hair from the side of your head and pin it at the back as if you’re making a half ponytail.

Then take another strand of hair the same size as the other one on the same side of your head and twist it. Wrap the twisted tendril around the piece of hair you just pinned back until it meets the end of the first piece. Pin that in place as well.

Repeat on the other side, add tiny flowers if you want and you’ve got princess hair.

Waterfall Braid

Start by grabbing a two inch section of hair on your right side. Split the section into three equal pieces and begin your braid.

Braid your hair as normal, crossing the left over the middle and the right over the left. When you cross over the third piece, drop a section free from the braid and let it hang down.

Keep repeating this action, dropping a piece loose from each piece that crosses over from the top. Secure the end with an elastic.

Repeat on the left side, making another waterfall braid and secure the end with a clear elastic.

Use bobby pins to pin the braids at the back of your head to form a crown. Pin one braid across and then tuck the ends of the second braid behind the first and pin in place.

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