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Christie Laing From Once Upon A Time Offers Her Secrets To Staying Healthy


As Maid Marion on ABC’s Once Upon A Time, Christie Laing has faced quite a few mishaps i.e. she died. Luckily, she’s been brought back and was seen in the OUAT’s season three finale. We talked to Christie about how she stays fit and healthy when not on set.

Do you have any workout tips?

Once a week try something new. A routine is great and consistency is key but I find taking a class or seeing a trainer once a week to really push you is where you’ll start to get the best results.

A favorite green juice or shake recipe?

Green juices are my lifesaver. I love my greens but sometimes life moves too fast to stop and chomp on a head of broccoli. My favourite recipe is:

Start with your leafy greens through the juicer first

Half a bunch of Kale, Spinach, broccoli, and celery

1 whole cucumber

Next, add a small amount (less than the palm of your hand or to taste) of fresh ginger

And I will add an apple or a pear if I need some sweetness but otherwise I go all greens!

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Photo: Kyla Hemmelgarn

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