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Bates Motel’s Kathleen Robertson Interview On Keeping Hair And Skin Looking Their Best

Kathleen Robertson

At age 19, Kathleen Robertson made the move to Hollywood, where she landed her breakout role as the spoiled Clare Arnold on the teen drama Beverly Hills 90210. Since then, she’s played a variety of roles on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Medium, CSI: Miami and Rookie Blue, and has starred alongside Kelsey Grammer in the Starz original series Boss.

Next you can see her on the crime drama Murder in the First, with Taye Diggs, scheduled to air in June. Her thriller The Vatican Tapes is also set to be released this summer. For now, you can catch the CSA-nominated star in Bates Motel, the second season of which premieres in March. The Hamilton, Ont., spoke with Real Style about her secret to healthy hair and other must-haves.

Real Style: Which products do you use on your hair  so it doesn’t get so damaged?

Kathleen Robertson :My hair is very damaged because of all the colouring, flat ironing and curling. I’m a big fan of masks, so I use masks a lot. On the weekends when I’m not working, I’ll put a mask in my hair and I’ll leave it in for the whole weekend. I’ll literally put half a cup of olive oil, or coconut oil, on my hair and I’ll let it soak for the weekend and then rinse it out and it usually feels pretty good after doing that.

Real Style: Does being on set take a toll on your skin as well?

Kathleen: Definitely. I mean, it’s sort of a full time job to keep your skin looking good when you have to have that level of makeup every day. I feel as I get older, it’s more about the skin than anything else. It’s like if your skin isn’t looking good, you can’t cover everything up. So I have a lot of different stuff that I use and do. I’m lucky that I don’t have acne or other issues. It’s more about moisturizing. The first thing I have to get is a humidifier for the hotel room, because your skin is dehydrated. There’s nothing you can do that’s going to get rid of that. And then I like these little masks, they’re called SK-II. They’re pretty amazing. They’re expensive but they’re worth it. I use those for special things, like red carpet stuff, special events. And then the Clairsonic brush is also an absolute must-have. I use it all the time. Shu Uemura also makes these amazing facial cleansing oils.

Read the full interview and see all of Kathleen’s favorite products in the                         Spring issue of Real Style magazine.




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