Floral And Citrus Fragrances To Buy This Spring

This sunny season is all about the irresistible and delectable floral and citrus fragrances that are subtle and sweet to get all the guys swooning at just a whiff of your alluring scent!  If you’re feeling a little out of loop with the spring season after a long, chilly winter, don’t worry, we’ve put together a list of the top spring scents to have you smelling sweet and utterly irresistible!

rise_beyonce1. Rise – Beyonce

Let’s face it ladies, who doesn’t want to be fierce like Beyonce?  Now with her new fragrance Rise, you can feel and smell like this Queen of Pop.  Strong, bold and vivacious, this scent is unlike the typical dainty spring scent.  It’s powerful with its mixed blend of ice basil sorbet, golden apricot and Italian bergamot to make you feel strong and confident, like that independent woman you are.  If you’re feeling a little edgy one day, rise up with Beyonce’s scent and feel empowered!

daisy_delight2. Daisy Delight – Marc Jacobs

It’s always a delight when it comes to Marc Jacobs with his super sweet and feminine scents that are just too deliciously irresistible!  Fresher and lighter, the new limited edition Daisy Delight fragrance includes hints of apple, quince flower, cedar-wood and sandalwood to create the perfect spring scent that is subtle and sweet as honey to get you feeling flirty and feminine!

balenciaga3. Balenciaga – Rosabotanica

If you’re in the mood to spice things up while still keeping it sweet, Balenciaga’s newest scent for the spring is the perfect fragrance for you.  Beautiful, but dangerous, there’s just something so alluring and mysterious about this scent that draws you in with its trace of sweet citrus and rose petals and captivates you with the dark and rich hints of ashy amber.  It’s sexy and sultry and perfect to add a little spice in your life!

chloe4. Roses de Chloe – CHLOE

Stick to the ultra femme fragrance we all know and love with CHLOE’s Roses De Chloe and smell as pretty as a rose with this sweet and soft scent.  Smell the bouquet of flowers and feel fresh with every new spring day with its blend of rose, bergamot, white musk and magnolia, which in other words is the recipe for the perfect femme spring perfume!

nirvana5. Nirvana White – Elizabeth and James

Mary Kate and Ashley are back at it again with their newest fragrance for spring, the Nirvana White.  Expect nothing less from this stylish duo but a dark, yet sophisticated and feminine scent made with a delicate blend of peony, muguet and musk.  Get that masculine edge, while still being fun and feminine with our favourite pair of twins this spring!

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