Check Out The Most Bizarre And Expensive Facials Celebrities Swear By

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Just as spring is starting to get sprung – it’s time to start cleaning our homes – and most certainly our pores. From the truly sensational products that can give your complexion the head-start it needs for your best face forward, to the ultra-luxe treatments that are fit for royalty, we have your bizarre and extravagant facials that are not for the faint of heart.

While we don’t recommend selling your assets to shell out on a pore cleansing treatment, these extravagant options will give you an idea of what’s big in the beauty business, and what to look and ask for when booking your next facial.

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1. Bee Venom Facial: This illustrious facial is regarded as one of the best treatments that too much money can buy. While the cost comes in at more than a luxury car, the outcome is truly sensational. It’s rumoured that Kate Middleton has splurged on this $55,000 facial – that is essentially bee venom diluted, but with just 1% remaining for a painless procedure. While the cost is astronomical they do offer a take home bottle for around $100so start slathering for a sumptuous spring complexion.

2. Vampire Facial: This treatment is loved by non other than Kim Kardashian. For a truly glowing a radiant complexion, this $1,500 facial will use your own body’s platelet rich plasma for an incredible outcome. Next, your blood is extracted from the arm, and after a complex sifting process through a centrifuge, it’s injected back into your face, spoiler alert – you’re body believes it’s injured, so it turns over the cells faster, which can create a magical complexion.

3. White Caviar Illuminating Facial: This ultra-luxe facial is brought to you by cult beauty brand La Prairie. Pamper yourself at the plush Ritz-Carlton located at Central Park in New York City, for a facial that promises to diminish age spots and brighten your complexion. The facial will use golden caviar to erase signs of aging, and if you find that the $1,000 price tag is a bit steep – you can splurge on a $495 caviar spa package with an hour long body massage and firming facial.

4. Bird Feces Facial: Popularized by style icon Victoria Beckham, this authentic Japanese facial was originally practiced by Geisha’s. It has now migrated to New York City, where it’s available in high-end spas for $215 per treatment. This cringe worthy facial boasts properties that promise to slough off dead skin cells, and result in a radiant complexion. Sounds too gross to be true? Well it isn’t, and it’s reported that ‘Posh Spice’ shells out on this bizarre facial twice a month.

5. The Grand Luxe Facial: This luxe life changing facial is offered at the Spa Radiance in San Francisco. The 3-hour procedure comes in at around $750, and begins with your facialist applying a combination of a cleansing diamond peels to exfoliate, and then micro currents are used for a mini face lift effect- minus the needles. To finish off, a caviar mask is slathered onto your skin, and capped off with some LED light therapy for an ultra radiant celebrity worthy spring complexion.


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