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Party On Host Jacqueline M. Wood Shares Her Top Beauty Picks


Jacqueline M. Wood’s newest gig as host of E!’s ‘Party On’ has conditioned her into a travel expert, with on the fly beauty tips we’re currently coveting. During her tenacious tenure overseas, she’s also managed to pick up some local beauty tips and products we would love to get our polished paws on. Real Style had a chat with the Windsor-born beauty who also doubles as a DJ and a professional jet-setter – to ask about her go-to must have products for flawless and fresh skin.

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Kate Somerville

1. Kate Somerville Gentle Face Cleanser: “I love their face cleanser. I’m obsessed with their products.” ($95,


2. Evian Mineral Water Spritz: “When you’re doing 12-13 hour flights, my skin gets so dry, and I end up breaking out.” ($11,

Armani Foundation

3. Giorgio Armani Luminous Skin Foundation: “If you have to deal with a breakout, this is a good foundation.” ($62,

MAC Cosmetics

4. MAC Eye Shadow in Expensive Pink: “It’s great if I’m on-the-go. I can just apply that and I’m good to go.” ($15,

5. Natural oils: “Other than using Kate Somerville, I’ve really tried to use the natural way, because some things are too harsh for my skin. Just going to Whole Foods or a local grocery store, and getting something as simple as tea tree oil. When I was in Croatia, everyone put lavender on their skin. It’s great for breakouts, it’s great if you have dry skin.”

6. Macadamia Natural Oil Moisturizing Rinse Conditioner: “Obviously with long nights filming and events, I would put that on all night, and the next day my hair’s good to go.”

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